TV Themes (Cyberstar Segment)

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Scene from the segment

TV Themes was a Cyberstar showtape segment debuting in April of 1990 on the SPP April 1990 Show.

The show focuses on TV show theme songs, with the characters testing their knowledge on their melody. The segment runs for around 8 minutes and 8 seconds.


The show begins with Beach Bear singing Wild, Wild West, referencing the TV show The Wild Wild West, even stating "-starring Robert Conrad.", which was the actual star of the show. Fatz asks about if anyone remembers the song being the theme to the show, but Billy Bob corrects him by playing the show's actual theme. His attempt of the melody is poor, giving Fatz an opportunity to have his Tune Machine play the first few notes for him. This lets Billy Bob continue to play the full theme alongside the band.

Fatz then suggests a 'Name That Tune' game be played with the Tune Machine's ability to play any song. Dook suggests he can figure out a melody in 13 notes, to which the Tune Machine starts to play. Beach Bear interrupts early realizing the song is Bonanza, the theme of the TV show of the same name, Bonanza. The band commences playing the theme.

Dook then suggests playing his own 3 notes for the others to guess, that being The Addams Family Theme for the Addams Family TV Show. After playing, Beach Bear has his turn using only 2 notes. Billy Bob manages to guess this as the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show and begins playing the melody.

Fatz then says his Tune Machine can guess the song in one note, to which after pressing down a single key, the keyboard plays Meet the Flintstones, the theme to the Flintstones TV show. Keeping up with caveman songs, they then play Walk the Dinosaur, which coincidentally would appear in The Flintstones Movie a few years later.