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Arcades with Card Systems

Most arcades with card systems use electronic-tickets now. Some still use traditional paper tickets, though, including the Camelback Resort in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, USA, Kalahari and some Great Wolf Lodge locations. The arcade areas there are owned by Family Entertainment Group LLC.

The three major companies that supply card systems for amusement arcades are Intercard Inc., Embed International Pty Ltd. (a subsidiary of Helix Leisure Pte Ltd.) and Sacoa Cashless System LLC (formerly Sacoa Debit Card System LLC). I consider Semnox Solutions Pte Ltd. to be a minor company, alongside Ideal Software Systems Inc., Core Cashless LLC (formerly Applied Resources Inc.), Coin Tech, Amusement Connect LLC and others. Speaking of the aforementioned companies, a majority of the arcades located at Walt Disney World, as well as the John's Incredible Pizza Company chain (not to be confused with America's Incredible Pizza Company), use Core Cashless LLC. Fun Land in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA and Jake's Unlimited (formerly Amazing Jake's) used to use this company, but as of the late 2010s, they now use Embed International Pty Ltd. Also, Fat Cats Entertainment LLC, SuperPlay, Fiesta Fun and Boondocks Food & Fun used to use Ideal Software Systems Inc., but as of early 2020s, they now use Intercard Inc.

By the way, I believe that they still have Wacky Ducks at The Magic Castle (previously Rollandia Golf Center and Rollandia Golf Center & Magic Castle) in Dayton, Ohio, USA, as well as my local arcade, Pete's Party Castle, in Mobile, Alabama, USA. There used to be a Wacky Ducks at Play Arcade + Kitchen (previously The Boneyard) in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA, but as of March 2020, the location has liquidated their inventory and is now closed and demolished due to the age of the building itself. :( The building itself first opened on August 26, 1948 as the Mayland Theatre, which closed its doors on August 8, 1989, and a little later afterwards, it became a Barnes & Noble store. The building became vacant in 1999. Then, in 2006, it became a The Boneyard location which had arcade games in addition to a restaurant area. The location closed its doors in the early summer of 2014 and renamed to Play Arcade + Kitchen, and then it re-opened in February 2015. They still had arcade games, but in addition to the older/discontinued games, newer games like Milk Jug Toss, Down the Clown, Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo, Whack-N-Win, Pirate's Hook, etc. were added in the area, and the restaurant had changed. Also, they used the older Embed card system with electronic-tickets. The card readers installed on the machines were the older Embed Color-Glo monochrome swipe-only card readers (retroactively known as the Color-Glo Classic), which were manufactured between 2005-2015, paired with the Embed Electronic-Ticket Interface display counters. When Embed had introduced the more modern ColorGlo HD swipe-only card readers, which use an LCD display, around the beginning of 2010, they retroactively called their older Color-Glo monochrome readers the "Color-Glo Classic."

Besides this, The Magic Castle switched from coins to the Embed card system around late 2007, but they were still using traditional paper tickets at the time. By early 2008, they finally switched to electronic-tickets. Circa mid-to-late 2010s, the older kiosk was replaced with the emONE kiosk. Then in early December 2021, they switched over from the older Embed monochrome swipe-only readers (most of them were Color-Glo, but a couple were the plain counterparts) to the current Embed SmartTouch swipe-or-tap readers, which were introduced in late 2015. (However, the tap function on the current readers is disabled)

Three arcades that are not too far away from where I live, The Gulf Bowl, its sister location, Eastern Shore Lanes, and the OWA arcade paired with a Groovy Goat restaurant, had previously used the Embed Color-Glo HD card readers. The Gulf Bowl opened in the 1960s, and probably didn't have an arcade until the 1990s or early 2000s. By then, they used coins instead of a card system. They switched over to the Embed card system around 2012, which was when Eastern Shore Lanes opened its doors. In the late 2010s, some machines that were previously at The Gulf Bowl were moved to Eastern Shore Lanes and some machines that were previously at ESL were moved to The Gulf Bowl. OWA opened in 2017 and their arcade area is owned by Player One Amusement Group (P1AG).

As of mid-October 2021, the former two locations now use the Intercard system, featuring the Intercard i3 Eclipse swipe-or-tap readers. (The arcade section on their websites states to swipe or tap the card reader; however, the tap function on the current readers is disabled) However, the latter location still uses Embed, but the readers have been switched over to the newer SmartTouch swipe-or-tap readers. (At one point however, the tap function on the readers was disabled, but now as of 2022, the function has been re-enabled)

Pete's Party Castle, in my honest opinion, is just bobo. They previously used coins and as of 2022, they now use the stupid Amusement Connect card system. In fact, it's been a decade since I've went there and I don't think they had that many games then, like they have now. That same card system company is also used by Southern Music & Games, which owns the arcade area at a Bama Lanes location somewhere in Pratville, Alabama, USA.

Margaritaville Resort Biloxi opened on June 23, 2016 and they previously used the Embed SmartTouch insert-or-tap readers. (However, the tap function on the readers was disabled) Circa mid-to-late 2018, they switched over to the Embed SmartTouch swipe-or-tap readers (However, the tap function on the readers was disabled once again), but the kiosks still used the insert-or-tap counterparts. Then, on October 28, 2020, Hurricane Zeta caused significant damage and widespread power outages to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and North and South Carolina. As a result, Margaritaville Resort Biloxi, alongside another Margaritaville location in Vicksburg, Mississippi, closed its doors due to the damage. From that point on, during repairs to the former location, 80 coin-operated games and some other assets that were previously at the latter (which used the Embed SmartTouch insert-or-tap readers) were moved to the former location. On March 10, 2021, after the renovation, Margaritaville Resort Biloxi re-opened its doors. Meanwhile, the Vicksburg location went defunct and is now The Mulberry Vicksburg. Around September 2022 I think, they switched from the Embed SmartTouch system to the Intercard system, featuring the Intercard i3 Eclipse swipe-or-tap readers. (However, the tap function on the readers is still disabled even though the displays of the readers were clearly set to say "SWIPE or TAP") 16:02, 13 March 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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