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how is it not a balcony? it literally is one, just with a c-stage paint job. - SniffCEC

It was just never a Balcony, I can't explain it, but it sort of looked like one, with the wood trim being what was used with the portrait stage, Lake Forest just moved the characters to the Balcony Stage positioning, which is why it is confused for a Balcony Stage. And then the "C-Stage"-like theme is just because they probably retrofitted the stage at the time when Rocker and C-Stages were being installed (1988/9-1990). --Goofy Ahh Chuck-E-Pedia Editor (talk) 13:17, 27 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

it rlly is a portrait, and i have footage to prove it.

here. It is a portrait. Tadaaaaaaa:

Then, you gonna say its another location, but the walls under are the same color, texture and on the same place. The entrances to the showroom are in the EXACT SAME spot of the Lake Forest PTT. So yeah, its NOT a balcony stage, and infact, got a showroom remodel, adding a more like C/Shelf Stage feeling. Hope this made you guys understand that it ISNT a balcony stage.