The Wolfman (Animatronic)

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The Wolfman (Animatronic) 


Release Date: 1978
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


The Wolfman was created for the Wolf Pack 5 show and debuted at the 1978 IAAPA. He is meant to be a parody of the radio DJ, Wolfman Jack. Wolfman's mask uses the same mold as Buddy Crash from the Bear Country Jubilee, with teeth and mustache glued on. His mech was later reused for Repete Thornsberry in the Hard Luck Bears.




Wolfman is a gray wolf holding a microphone and is the host of the show. He wore a tuxedo, undershirt, vest, and bowtie with varying colors depending on location.


  • Mouth
  • Head left
  • Head right
  • Head up
  • Head down
  • Left ear
  • Right ear
  • Left eyelid
  • Right eyelid
  • Eyes left
  • Body lean
  • Mic tilt
  • Left arm raise
  • Left arm elbow
  • Left arm twist
  • Tail