Tropical Stage

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The Tropical Stage at Surfside Beach, SC/ Richmond, VA

The Tropical Stage was a stage variation applied to a handful of franchise Showbiz Pizza Place locations in the eastern U.S in 1988.


In charge of this retrofit was Showbiz management, while CEI had no involvement. Surfside Beach, SC (900 US-17 BUS) was the first location to have this tropical theming. Other locations underwent this retrofit when their stage was converted to the Showbiz Pizza Campground.


This variation was essentially a repaint of the cloud backdrop covering center and stage left, and the sun and moon tree props on the center stage. This included palm trees and a view of an ocean from the shore. The trees were made to look more like plain hedges or bushes. In some instances, the backdrop would be painted over regardless of its uniqueness when Showbiz tested the clear blue sky look. It is also interesting to note that the same artist who painted the tropical stages also painted the custom designs on Fun Time Pizza Circus's stage


There are still other possible locations to potentially have gotten it, but these are the only ones with available proof.