Union Gap, WA (2529 Main St)

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2529 Main St is a future Chuck E. Cheese located in Union Gap, Washington. This will be the first new 2.0 store in Washington State that is Corporate owned (Not counting all the locations in the state that remodeled to 2.0 at this point; as Kennewick is a Franchised location).


Pre-CEC (19??-2023)

Before the development of the Union Gap location began, the site was a building housing Bank of America[1]. On September 16, 2022, an article popped up that a new CEC will be coming to Union Gap, Washington and will be built sometime in 2023. An Opening Date for the location isn't known at this time. The Bank building will be demolished to build the new CEC location. This will be the first new 2.0 location (Not counting all the locations in Washington that remodeled to 2.0 at this point) in Washington since the opening of the Kennewick, WA (6340 W Rio Grande Ave) which was the relocation of the Richland, WA (2610 N Columbia Center Blvd) location which was a former Pizza Time Theatre that opened on September 30th, 1982 and closed September 9th, 2018.


When the store opens, it will feature a Dance Floor & Video Wall like most other future 2.0s will have.