Unknown Sandwich Item (PTT Menu Item)

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Mention of Eight Sandwiches in the Newsletter.

The unknown eighth sandwich item is a presumed discontinued item from the menu of the first Pizza Time Theatre location in San Jose, CA (370 S Winchester Blvd).


In the "St. Pong Revisited" The Gospel of St. Pong (Vol 4, No. 1977, April 1977) newsletter, three Grand Opening Reviews would be noted prior to the building's true opening date. In the listing, a description of the menu options provided would be shown, which matched the standard Pizza Time Theatre menu for the time. However, when listing the sandwiches, it notes "eight different types of hot sandwiches".[1]

Only seven sandwiches are listed in the final 1977 menu.

It is presumed the eight sandwich was discontinued after these events, as the oldest menu is dated from May of 1977. It is also a possibility that the number was a typo, and that the only sandwiches offered at the event were the ones stated on the menu.