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CPI Tarbosaur and Protoceratops posing for camera in Dinosaurs: Next Exit

The CPI Dinosaur Show was an Animatronic show created by Creative Presentations for Circus Circus, A Las Vegas Arcade & Gambling Complex, in 1994[1][2].

The Bots appeared in the 1994 Dinosaur Documentary "Dinosaurs: Next Exit" with footage showing them in the CPI Warehouse & at a mall in Burbank, CA[2].


In 1993, CPI was tasked by Circus Circus of Las Vegas, Nevada to produce a Dinosaur themed show. CPI worked on the show throughout 1993 & 1994. The Tarbosaurus was put in an Unknown Burbank, CA mall during an unknown time in 1994. The Bots were most likely sent to Circus Circus in 1994. The Shows whereabouts are unknown.



The Show had a Tarbosaurus bataar Animatronic. The Bot was 30 ft Long & 16 ft Tall[1]. The Bot appeared in "Dinosaurs: Next Exit" In 1994.


The Show had a Protoceratops andrewsi Animatronic. The Bot appeared in "Dinosaurs: Next Exit" In 1994.


The Show had a Velociraptor Animatronic. The Bot appeared in "Dinosaurs: Next Exit" In 1994.


The Show had a Hadrosaurid Animatronic. The Bot appeared in "Dinosaurs: Next Exit" In 1994.

Installed Locations

Unknown Burbank Mall[2]

During the Show's development at Valencia, California, The Tarbosaurus was installed at a mall in Burbank, California inside of an exhibit.

Circus Circus[1]

The Show was fully installed in Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1994. The Show's layout, placement, or fate is unknown.



Link Description Notes
Link In the CPI Warehouse in Valencia, CA being programmed & at the mall in Burbank, CA. at 2:07, 3:05, and 40:27