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Hello! My name is ChuckECool. I am a fan of Chuck E. Cheese, Pizza Time Theatre, and Showbiz Pizza. My local is Modesto, California and I would not care much if it received the 2.0 Remodel.


Dear everyone in the CEC fandom, We really need to stop the toxicity and drama that's going around the Chuck E. Cheese fandom and the Discord servers. People don't realize that they are making fun of people and should stop making fun of other people and using bad words and racial slurs. People are also causing drama and like to blame it on someone else which is something they should not be doing. It is not cool. I want the fandom to be much friendlier like the other fandoms, and they don't even realize that opinions exist. Seriously, people need to stop hating other people for just liking or hating one thing and agree to that and people should stop fighting over change, 2.0, and where to get animatronics. If a location gets 2.0, do not argue about it and just let it happen. I am making this announcement to alert everyone in the Chuck E. Cheese fandom to stop being toxic and hating each other. People need to realize change is good and you have to agree with opinions. People in the CEC fandom should be aware of what they are doing. Currently, what they are doing is wrong, and we need to stop that. To end it off, people and myself would want to make better choices, decisions and to better ourselves for everyone in the fandom.

- ChuckECool


Welcome to my user page! I am ChuckECool, but you can call me Cool.

I will try my very best to help you in any way possible! While you're at it, check out my project, the Toys "R" Us Encyclopedia! I am currently working on the site daily, sometimes weekly.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I will help you, including questions relating to the Toys "R" Us Encyclopedia and the Minion Rush Encyclopedia, my upcoming project!