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Wolf Pack 5 Beach Bear without face.

I am the Sponch man. I like the Wolf Pack 5, the Rock-afire Explosion, and suffering over a keyboard while hunting down obscure articles. You know how it is.

Activity may be sporadic. Calculus really wears a Sponch man out, you understand...

Archival work is an obsession of mine. I archive videos and images related to animatronic content. There are other things I archive, of course, but they aren't really related to this topic. As of today, August 24th, 2022, I have archived approximately 42,600 videos. If there's animatronic content you'd like me to archive, please leave a link on my discussion page.

Fun Facts About the Sponch man:

  • I like animatronics.
  • My favorite animatronic band is the Wolf Pack 5.
  • My ISP has yelled at me 4 times for going over the monthly data cap.
  • I have been accused of having diseases and syndromes.
  • Sometimes I play video games.

Anyway if you want to say hi, drop me a line on my discussion page... I don't bite...