Warblettes (Cyberamic)

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The Warblettes Cyberamic is an animatronic figure created by Pizza Time Theatre Inc. for Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre locations from 1979 until the 1980's.

It is a very simple figure, having only 2 movements. The Warblettes would not be used in the Rocker Stage, and would not survive past Concept Unification as the Cyberamic MMBB stages did not include them, but The Singing Flowers were included on the Rocker Stage and would use the bit from the Warblettes mouth.


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The bot has 2 movements in total.

Mouth (all 3 linked together)
Body Tilt

Stages Used In

  • Portrait Stage: Installed from 1979-1980. Went extinct in 1991 in Odgen, UT
  • Balcony Stage: Installed from 1980-1986. Went extinct in 2001 in Lake Forest, CA
  • C-Stage: Installed from 1989-1990?. Went extinct in 2003 in Tacoma, WA.