Wink (Cyberamic)

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The Wink Cyberamic is an animatronic figure created by Diversified Designs for Chuck E. Cheese's locations from 1992 to 1998 as a part of the CEC Stages. The Wink is an emblem of Chuck E. that is colored gold and winks at the end of segments. The Wink is used on the 2-Stage, 1-Stage, some Road Stages. There is a version for 3-Stages and Road Stages as well.


The figure features 1 movement in total.

Movement Bit #
Wink 10

Stages Used In

  • Road Stage: Installed from 1990-1992: 2 left as of April 2024, most have 3-Stage Wink.
  • 2-Stage: Installed from 1992-1997, 4 left as May 2024.
  • 1-Stage: Installed from 1992-1998, 11 left as of May 2024.
  • Cyberamic 3-Stage: Installed in 2000 at Lynnwood, Washington, no longer operational.
  • 3-Stage: Installed 1989-1992: 2 left as of May 2024.

Current Wink Cyberamics

Location Address Stage Type Condition / Notes
Durham, NC (3724 Mayfair St) 3724 1-stage Working, no spotlight
Charlotte, NC (5612 Albemarle Rd) 5612 Road Stage Not working