Wolf Pack 5 IAAPA 1978 Showtape

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Wolf Pack 5 IAAPA 1978 Showtape

Release Date: November 1978

Released On:

8-Track Reel (CEI)

The Wolf Pack 5 IAAPA 1978 Showtape was the first showtape created for the Wolf Pack 5.[1] It was created in 1978 specifically for the IAAPA 1978 Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, where the Wolf Pack 5 made their original debut to the public.


This particular showtape was the first ever created showtape for the Wolf Pack 5. The music tracks included in it were heavily inspired by 50’s and 60’s era music, featuring doo-wop and classic rock and roll songs. Some tracks directly parodied real life songs from the 50’s and 60’s, while others closely mimicked certain bands’ styles whilst incorporating different elements from various tracks made by those bands into a single song. Clutch, a band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States, supplied voice actors, singers, and music for this showtape.[2][3]

This showtape plays as a complete show, and is not segmented into different parts. It has 6 different songs, with some dialogue between the characters scattered throughout the show. Unlike all future showtapes made for the Wolf Pack 5, this particular show contained the song, “Clap for the Wolfman,” by the real life band, “The Guess Who,” during the opening portion of the show. Approximately the first 32 seconds of the song plays as Wolfman gets the audience’s attention and stirs up excitement for the performance, after which the song stops.[4] The song is absent in future showtapes, presumably due to copyright issues.

Also unlike all future versions, this showtape lacks an announcer. All announcing is done by Wolfman himself as he directly addresses the audience. There was also an increased amount of dialogue between the characters that was scrapped in later iterations.

Footage of this showtape can be viewed here and here. The show in purely audio form can be heard here.


  1. Segment 1
    1. Sing a Simple Song (Rock and Roll is Here to Stay Parody)
    2. Banana Hill ("Blueberry Hill Parody)
    3. Dog Gone to Love
    4. Dragstrip in the Sky
    5. Beach Bear Surfer Girl
    6. Good Times 5 Times (Reprise)


  • After performing Dog Gone to Love, Dingo Star says, “On behalf of the band and meself, I hope we passed the audition.” This is a reference to The Beatles' rooftop concert, where, at the end of the concert, John Lennon said a similar line, stating, "I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we've passed the audition.”[5]
  • "Dog Gone to Love" takes heavy inspiration from the real life band, "The Beatles", and the various songs they wrote and performed. Some elements were directly lifted from various Beatles’ songs to be incorporated into one song.
  • "Beach Bear Surfer Girl" takes heavy inspiration from the real life band, “The Beach Boys”, and the various songs they wrote and performed. Like Dog Gone to Love, several elements were lifted from various Beach Boys’ songs and were incorporated into a single song.