Yuma, AZ (305 W Catalina Dr)

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Site of the location. (PC: Google Maps)

305 W Catalina Dr was a Showbiz Pizza Place that opened on January 30, 1984 (date might not be correct), and closed in the mid-80s (1984-1986, date completely unknown) with a Rock-afire Classic Stage. Not much is known about this location.

This is not to be confused with Yuma, AZ (1348 S Yuma Palms Pkwy), which opened on December 29, 2004, and is still open today with the 2.0 remodel.


This location opened with a Rock-afire Explosion stage. Not much is known about their history and was removed in the mid-80s when they closed.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
The Rock-afire Explosion January 1984 1984-1986 2nd Showbiz in Arizona.


Yuma opened on January 30, 1984 (date might not be correct) with a Rock-afire Explosion, Sadly, information on this location is very hard to find, as it was either undocumented or short lived. In the mid-80s (1984-1986, date completely unknown), the location shut its doors, leaving Phoenix and Mesa as the only 2 Showbiz Pizzas in the state of Arizona. The location was later split into multiple businesses, and they are still there as of July 2023.