Annapolis, MD (2333-A Forest Dr)

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Street View of the store's Exterior in September 2022 (PC: Google Maps)

2333-A Forest Dr, Store #50 is a Chuck E. Cheese in Annapolis, Maryland, in the Festival at Riva Shopping Center.


Annapolis opened on April 10th, 1993, at the Festival at Riva Shopping Center with a 2-Stage. The store would receive its first remodel around the Mid-Late 1990's which included the removal of the Ball Crawl for the SkyTubes and the changing of the exterior logo (The letters were surprisingly white instead of Red and Yellow). Annapolis would remain this way until Summer of 2011 when they would receive the 2010 Update to the 2003 "Cool Chuck" Reconfiguration / Major Remodel Initiative removing the Showroom walls, Balcony Seating, redoing the Ordering Counter, Salad Bar, reconfiguring the Kid Check area, and remodeling the exterior (As well as changing the color of the letters from white to red).March 5th 2016 Annapolis started to revamp their exterior ( But they kept the phase 4 sign) and then replaced their Emergency Exit Doors in the showroom. During this process the Skytubes were removed. As of March 2023, Annapolis still has the 2-Stage and 2010 Update.

Helen Mask

Moldy Helen at Annapolis

The Helen Mask at Annapolis, MD is notable across the fandom for containing mold on the facial mask, and some on the hands. The time of the start of the mold growth is sometime after 2004. It is observable that Munch is growing a little bit of mold on his hands, also.


When Annapolis first opened, they received a 2-Stage. This is one of the few 2-Stages that doesn't have Pasqually's Brick Wall onstage. By 2000, the side to side curtains were replaced with Up and Down curtains. This is one of the few stores that opened after 2006 not to ever have the Cool Chuck outfit. By 2008, the Tuxedo & Derby was replaced with the Avenger outfit. In the Early-Mid 2010's, Pasqually's drumhead was changed from the Orange Swirl from when they opened to the Explosion Drumhead they still have to this day. In September 2013, Chuck's Avenger Cap was removed. Sometime in 2016-2017 a ceiling tile caused leaking damaging Helen's mask. As of March 2023, Annapolis still has their 2-Stage.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
2-Stage April 1993 Still in Use One of five installed in Maryland. One of last two in the state.