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The 2-Stage is a stage format found at Chuck E. Cheese's locations that either opened with the stage or replaced a previous stage from 1992 to 1997. It was the first Cyberamic stage to give all the characters legs, as the Rocker Stage had Chuck E., Helen, and Jasper with legs, but Munch and Pasqually were still half-bodied. As of May 2024, there are 4 2-Stages in the United States and Canada.


The 2-Stage was created in 1992 to unify all C-Stage and Road Stage locations to one setup and to be consistent with Concept Unification and the company's future plans.

The first 2-Stage was installed at the White Settlement, TX location in February 1992. After that, it would go on to be installed in approximately 100 CEC locations across the United States, Canada, Chile, and Guatemala.


The 2-Stage has had multiple different design variations.


White Settlement, TX's 2-Stage had 3-Stage buildings and Jasper's can, a solid blue valance, and a Road Stage Munch organ.

San Antonio, TX's and Merced, CA's (Later at Chesapeake, VA) 2-Stages, like White Settlement, also had 3-Stage buildings. Chuck also stood on top of a red platform.

Herndon, VA's 2-Stage had unique buildings that no other 2-Stage had.


The standard 2-Stage design also went through several changes over the years. For starters, there are three different overall stage lengths. 24', 26', and 28'. Depending on the length of the stage, it could have as little as two buildings or as many as four.

Some earlier 2-Stages had a bevel in between Chuck and Helen, where the TV and fiber optic CEC sign are however, they stopped doing this early on into development,

Earlier 2-Stages also had side curtains, whereas later 2-Stage had lift curtains. Some 2-Stages with side curtains, such as Waterbury, CT, Annapolis, MD, & Worcester, MA converted to these newer lift curtains.

There were several smaller changes such as the valance varying from green, blue, or black, the building backdrops being painted in an odd way around 1995-1996, etc.

Current 2-Stages

Location Address Installed Condition / Notes
Huntington Beach, California, United States 15511 Edwards St 1990's Oldest CEC location currently. Opened in October 1979 as the 5th Pizza Time Theatre with a Portrait Stage. Last store from the 1970's that is still open. One of last two 2-Stage's operating in California.
Northridge, California, United States 8425 Reseda Blvd 1993 Former PTT. Currently operating with Chuck E. Live Stage as of August 9, 2023. One of last two 2-Stage's operating in California. Preserved in-store throughout the 2.0 remodel.
Annapolis, Maryland, United States 2333-A Forest Dr 1993 Last 2-Stage in Maryland. Pasqually's Brick Wall isn't present in this location.
Willowdale, Ontario, Canada 2452 Sheppard Ave E 1990's Former PTT. Opened in 1983 with Balcony Stage, converted to C-Stage, then to 2-Stage. Only 2-Stage outside of the United States.