Around the World with Madam Oink

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Around the World with Madam Oink

Release Date: November 7, 1980
AKA: Madame Oink 2, Madam Oink 2

Released On:

Reel (Cyberamics)

Around the World with Madam Oink is a standard Pizza Time Theatre showtape covering a wide array of song genres with guest star Madam Oink


Disclaimer: The majority of segments were either reused from past shows or were part of the Classic 1978-1980 show.

  • I Feel Pretty
    1. I Feel Pretty
    2. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  • I've Got the World on a String
    1. I've Got the World on a String
    2. When You're Smiling
    3. Love Makes the World Go Round
  • Jasper's Texas Show
    1. Long Tall Texan, The Yellow Hound of Texas
  • Around the World Songs
    1. England Swings
    2. Arrivederci Roma
    3. April in Paris
    4. Lady of Spain
    5. South of the Border
    6. Rio De Janeiro
    7. Bali Ha'i
    8. This Land Is Your Land
  • Beyond the Blue Horizon
    1. Beyond the Blue Horizon
    2. Where the Boys Are
    3. It's a Big Wide Wonderful World
  • Western Heartbroken Songs
    1. Red River Valley
    2. Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)
    3. Howlin' at the Moon
    4. If I Had as Much Money (As You Don't Love Me)
  • Lady of Oink 1
    1. Lady of Oink
    2. I'm a Conservative
    3. You Must've Been a Beautiful Piglet
    4. C'est Magnifique
    5. She's Too Fat for Me
  • Lady of Oink 2
    1. Lady of Oink
    2. Thank Heaven for Little Boys
    3. Baby Face
  • Roots in the Country
    1. Roots in the Country
  • Lady of Oink 3
    1. Lady of Oink
    2. Ah, Paree (Paris)
    3. I Love Paris
    4. Ta-rah-rah Boom-de-ay
  • Money, Money
    1. Money, Money
  • Birthday One, Honey, Bun
  • Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Baby
  • Birthday Chant / Song
  • Cheer - Trumpets
  • Pasqually's Chuck E. Intro
  • Christmas Medley
  1. Sliver Bells
  2. Fa La La (Deck the Halls)
  3. The Christmas Song
  4. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
  5. Jingle Bells
  6. Jingle Bell Rock
  7. We Wish You a Merry Christmas