Bandstand I

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Bandstand I

Release Date: ???? 1983
AKA: Bandstand 1
Theme: Broadway (PTT)
Guest Star: Helen Henny

Released On:

Reel (Cyberamics)

Bandstand 1 is a standard Pizza Time Theatre showtape covering a wide array of song genres with Helen Henny. Since the show was released right after Broadway Helen Henny, the show recycled the Broadway backdrop.


Disclaimer: The segment list is currently incomplete, as it is unclear the original order of special and birthday tapes within the original showtape reel.

  • 1980s Video Hits
    1. Be Good Johnny (Chuck E.)
    2. Theme to Fame
    3. Whip It
    4. Rock This Town
  • Oldies but Goodies
    1. Those Oldies but Goodies
    2. At the Hop
    3. I'm Walking
    4. Get a Job
    5. Sha Boom
  • British Invasion
    1. Henry the Eighth
    2. Satisfaction
    3. Bus Stop
    4. Jumpin' Jack Flash
  • Soul Music
    1. I Gotcha
    2. Respect
    3. Stop in the Name of Love
    4. Soul Man
    5. Proud Mary
  • Hot Rod Songs
    1. G.T.O.
    2. Custom Machine
    3. Born to Be Wild
  • Early 70's Music
    1. The Sound of Philadelphia
    2. Rock the Boat
    3. Higher and Higher
    4. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
    5. Honky Cat
  • Warblettes Oldies Birthday
  • Pasqually's Birthday Rock
  • My Girlfriend's Birthday
  • Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
  • KCEC Birthday
  • Pasqually's Chuck E. Intro (Bandstand)
  • Disco Birthday
  • Cheer - Bandstand Cheer