Beverly Hills Bob (Parody Poster)

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Beverly Hills Bob (Parody Poster) 


Release Date: 1988
Final Release: 1990


Dimensions: 26in x 40in
Text:He's been on tours, bought souvenirs, and been to the beach. Billy Bob is a small town bear on vacation in Beverly Hills.
Text:Showbiz Parodies Presents a Bearfeet Production in association with Billy Bob Productions. BILLY BOB, Beverly Hills Bob, Music by CHRIS L. E. BAIR. Screenplay by PAUL R. BEHR. Story by CODY AKBARE. Produced by HARRY PAAS & CLAUDE PHEET. Directed by HY BERNASHUN. Motion Picture Soundtrack album on Showbiz Records and tapes.
Text:R--Really funny
Text:A Showbiz Pizza Time Parody Poster Production © 1986 ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc.

The Beverly Hills Bob was a poster created for Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese's in 1988.


This poster was one of the few Rock Afire Explosion parody posters released in 1988. Once Concept Unification began this poster would cease production in 1990.

Unlike the Mitzie, King Fatz, and Pizza Wars posters, this poster in particular has never been re-released by Creative Engineering at any point after Concept Unification.[1]


The poster is a parody of 1984 Beverly Hills Cop, with Billy Bob taking on the role "Beverly Hills Bob".

Much like the source material, Billy Bob is sat on a red 1984 Mercedes Benz 450 SL convertible in the streets of California. He is also seen in an unusual human like form, having more defined legs than any other artwork created for the character.

Because of the original artwork for Beverly Hills Cop having the main character flaunt a gun, the parody created by Showbiz has Billy Bob holding a newspaper.