Bird (Animatronic)

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Bird (Animatronic) 


Release Date: 1998
Final Release: 2002
Manufacturer: Garner Holt Productions


The Bird Animatronic is an animatronic figure created by Garner Holt Productions Inc. for Chuck E. Cheese's locations from 1997 to 2002

The bot is a mostly green parrot with wings that are red, orange, and yellow sitting on a perch. He was only installed on the Studio C Alpha and Studio C Prototype stage.


The Studio C concept originally debuted in December of 1997 as a brand-new show idea intended originally to replace all Munch's Make Believe Band stages which featured one Chuck E. animatronic, and a little parrot named Bird. This setup was called the Studio C Alpha, and featured Chuck E. and Bird in a late night talk show studio, complete with a light-up desk, a "Pizza Time" clock, a pizza phone, an Interactive Console, and a Blue Screen with a camera. The bird was later included in the Studio C Prototype stage. This stage featured Bird on a taller perch than what was on the Studio C Alpha. This stage would be the last to feature Bird though, as future iterations of Studio C would not feature him.


The bot features 4 movements in total.

Body Up
Body Turn Right
Wings Up

Stages Used In

  • Studio C Alpha: Installed from 1997-2002, 2012, 2015
  • Studio C Alpha/Beta Mix: 2000-2001