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Studio C Activities

The Studio C Interactive Console was an element included with the Studio C Alpha Stages as a way to make the show more of an interactive experience.

The final Interactive Console was at the Bridgewater, New Jersey location until April 7, 2024 when the store would close.

Design and Features

The Interactive Console looks resemble an editing bay that you would see in a production studio in the 90s. On the top portion was a VU feed, a fake tape deck, and buttons that lit up. And on the bottom was the main console which contained three monitors with different things on them.

One of the monitors was a video feed of one of the cameras placed around the dining and game rooms that can change from up to five different feeds if the corresponding button is pressed.

Another monitor was a video feed of the showroom that had two buttons and a joystick to zoom in, out, and scan around the showroom. Both of these video monitors were also capable of being overridden with the Studio C video feed.

Below the monitors were buttons with sound effects and voices of Chuck E. Cheese characters. One of these buttons also controlled an animated boom mic above Chuck E.'s stage.


The screensaver at the Burbank, CA location.

The first few Interactive Consoles ran the Flintstones Matching game instead of having the standard Master Control Center.

The 1998 the 1999 versions of the Master Control Center had run off Windows 95 in kiosk mode and were controlled with 2 buttons and a track ball, basically a glorified mouse. They also included screensavers that read "Chuck E. Cheese's" while it scrolled across the screen.


There are five different things to do with the Master Control in this version. There are three options for videos, live or not. And two interactive elements, like a gallery and disco party.

Tune In + Safety Council:

These were screens with a illustrated monitor with an embedded video that played either of the 1997 commercials that you were able to change from two videos.

Studio C:

The center of the monitor is the rotating Studio "C" logo with an interactable "C". When clicked it shows an empty video monitor, currently its unknown what would've shown on this.


Entering the gallery, you can see Andy Warhol inspired pop art and two photos of a Chuck E. 3D Model. You can also change the appearance of these photos by clicking on them.


A dance floor is shown with the Chuck E. 3D model dancing on it, you were able to choose from a few different dances for him with discs that were on the sides of the screens.


The software closed out of on the console.

This version resembled more of the website at the time, running off of shockwave flash and even reusing some assets from the website. This version had more activities opposed to the five the older version offered.


This is the area where six flash games resided. These were: BB-Roll, Pizza Jigsaw, Chuck E. Jigsaw, Safety Match, Joke Studio, & the Paint Studio.

Movie Studio:

Movie Studio included the at the time latest Studio C videos. The videos even came from shows such as the Studio C Premiere show and up to the latest show at that time, Fabulous World Adventure.

Pizza World:

This was an information section with things like Birthdays, E-Cards, and Tokens. You were also able to learn more about Munch's Make Believe Band if you really wanted too with this option.