Bloomingdale, IL (132 E Lake St)

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132 E Lake St was a ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurant located in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

This location opened on April 1st, 1981, and closed in November 1985.


Bloomington opened its doors on April 1st, 1981 as the 16th Showbiz Pizza store (2nd in Illinois after Darien which was the 11th ShowBiz Pizza store to open). They opened with with the RockAfire Explosion like every other ShowBiz did. Like many other ShowBiz locations, it had a typical SPP layout seen in many other stores across the United States. After just over four years of operation, the store shut down in November 1985. It is unknown of what happened to the show after it closed. In July 2022, the building started being demolished and was finished in October, marking the end of the building’s 41 year history.


Bloomingdale is significant because even after closure and being turned into a different pizza restaurant in the 80s which has since closed, Bloomingdale's exterior had remained almost exactly the same as it was when it opened as a ShowBiz in 1981 until being demolished.

The interior of the building, although being mostly gutted, still had some walls and rooms that were there during ShowBiz, such as the tech room in the front right corner of the building.


Stage Installed Removed Notes
Rock-Afire Explosion April 1981 November 1985 2nd Showbiz Pizza store to open in Illinois. Whereabouts Unknown.


Animatronic Serial Number Whereabouts
Rolfe DeWolfe 10-80 1-10 Unknown
Dook Larue 10-80 2-10 Unknown
Fatz Geronimo 10-80 3-10 Unknown
Beach Bear 10-80 4-10 Unknown
Mitzi Mozzarella 10-80 5-10 Unknown
Billy Bob 10-80 6-10 Unknown
Looney Bird 10-80 7-10 Unknown
Choo Choo 10-80 8-10 Unknown
Sun 10-80 10-10 Unknown
Moon 10-80 11-10 Unknown
Antioch N/A Unknown