CEC Warhol - Quad (CEC Décor)

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CEC Warhol - Quad (CEC Décor) 


Release Date: 1998
Final Release: 2012
Manufacturer: Corman & Associates, BWC Creative


Dimensions: 24x24in

Warhol - Quad was a decoration created for Chuck E. Cheese's in 1998.


Warhol was released in 1998 and was manufactured by Corman & Associates up to 2005, when BWC Creative would take over until 2012.


  • 2003 release: Frames were added around the artwork.
  • 2005 release: Artwork was reverted into its original state, without frames.


This art was based on Andy Warhol's Marilyn Diptych. The head for used in this parody was most likely based of the the 3D model of Chuck E. Cheese seen in the Interactive Console.


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