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How did someone know that Whitehall PA's show was from Abilene, TX (1874 S Clack St)? Does anyone have any information about this?

Someone looked at the serials on the insides of the characters, and they match Abilene’s. -ShowbizMidwest

What happened to Whitehall, PA's bots? (Before they were replaced with Abilene, TX's) - ChuckECool

I personally have no idea, but I would presume they were most likely destroyed. -CECBowlingGreen (About Me) (talk) 19:23, 18 October 2022 (UTC)Reply

Whitehall opened with Abilene’s show. -ShowbizMidwest

I have no clue why the opening and closing dates for the locations were removed. Are they considered unnecessary? I feel like they should have kept them. - ChuckECool This already exists we don't need to add opening and closing dates for no reason that's the point of the pages themselves. - Documentor