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Hi, I'm CECBowlingGreen / Brennan, I am fan of Chuck E. Cheese and have been for many years. I am 16 years old and I am male.

Favorite Animatronic Shows

  • Munch's Make Believe Band
  • The Rock-Afire Explosion (I sort of like it)

Favorite "Era" Of CEC

  1. Rockstar
  2. Avenger
  3. Tux
  4. PTT

Favorite Stage

  1. 3-Stage
  2. Studio C Beta
  3. Studio C Cappa
  4. Studio C Alpha
  5. Studio C Alpha / Beta Mix
  6. Circles Of Light, no bot and 16m versions
  7. 1-Stage (La Mesa's stage condition was bad so thats why so low)
  8. Dance Floor (I like the 2021 Models better, the older ones suck)

All Chuck E. Cheese Stages I Have Seen And Their Totals

Locations I Have Been To And Their Current Stage

I have been to 17 different Chuck E. Cheese locations, 11 are currently 2.0 and 5 are not 2.0 💀


  • Green Bay, Dance Floor (Formerly Studio C Beta, first CEC I ever went to. Last went in December 2021)
  • Grand Chute/Appleton, Closed in 2020 (went in 2013 or 2014, was Studio C Alpha)


  • Bowling Green, Dance Floor (also my local CEC, formerly Studio C Cappa. Last went on September 23, 2022)
  • Paducah, Dance Floor (Went in 2019)
  • Louisville, Studio C Alpha (Went in 2019)


  • Madison, Dance Floor (second nearest CEC from my house, formerly 3-stage) (Last went on August 8, 2022)
  • Franklin, Dance Floor (Studio C Alpha when I went) (Went in Summer 2018)
  • Antioch, Dance Floor (Studio C Beta when I went) (Went in Summer 2018)
  • Clarksville, Dance Floor (Studio C Alpha/Beta Mix when I went) (Went in Summer 2018)
  • Cordova, Dance Floor (Studio C Beta when I went) (Went in 2018)
  • Mt. Juliet, Circles Of Light (Went on May 31, 2022)


  • Little Rock, Circles Of Light (Went in 2017)
  • North Little Rock, Dance Floor (3-Stage when I went) (went in 2019)


  • Villa Park, Dance Floor (Studio C Beta when I went) (Went in Summer 2018)


Things I Like About CEC

  • The animatronics
  • The games
  • The pizza (its very good, especially the stuffed crust, amazing)
  • 2.0 (The newer ones, the older ones are garbage)
  • Dance Floor (I like the designs on the 2021 Models

Things I Like

  • Going to Chuck E. Cheese
  • Playing video games
  • Music

Things I Don't Like

  • School/homework
  • Waking up early
  • The winter season
  • All the CEC's near me being 2.0

Facts About Me

  • My birthday is on September 24
  • I was born in California, but I only lived there when I was a baby
  • I have been to Disneyland 3 times, the most recent in June of 2022
  • I have had two birthday parties at CEC, one at the location in Green Bay, Wisconsin (I still have the rockstar birthday medallion lol) and one at the Bowling Green, Kentucky location (that I have 0 memory of lol)
  • I have been playing drums since January of 2022, I have a Simmons SD-200 electronic drum set, and I think I'm pretty good despite having no drum lessons, I have a book but it has music notes and I don't understand them.
  • I have ADHD, I used to take medicine for it but I don't really need it since I'm calm most of the time.
  • I have anxiety, I do not like talking to people I don't know, especially in person.
  • I have a brother who is 1 minute older than me
  • I moved to Bowling Green in 2014
  • I am a sophomore in high school
  • I live 10 minutes from the Chuck E. Cheese in Bowling Green
  • I currently do not have any social media (Youtube, Instagram, Discord) since my mom wont let me have it, I had a Youtube channel but it was removed since I was using my school email and it set me to under 18(I currently do not have my own personal email address), and I had Discord but my mom made me delete it. If I do get a personal email sometime in the future, I will possibly think about uploading footage I have of different stores I've been to in 2022. (I don't have too much footage from years before). I also have a Spotify account if you wanna check out the playlists I've made.
  • I play Roblox, my current account name is Extraduct, I play on Xbox since my mom won't let me play on Ipad. My Xbox Gamertag is Brennan W24 (don't ask I couldn't come up with a name lol)
  • I have very poor handwriting, it's basically been the same since I was little.
  • I currently have an Xbox One, an iPad mini, an iPod Touch, a Chromebook, a Nintendo Switch, and an Oculus Quest 2.