Chuck Chalkware Figure- Tux (Shelf Item)

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Chuck Chalkware Figure- Tux (Shelf Item) 


Manufacturer: Peeler Rose Productions


Color: Black, White, Gray, Gold, Red

The Chuck Chalkware Figure- Tux was a Artifact Shelves item created for Chuck E. Cheese's locations around 1994-1995.


The statue would be produced by Peeler Rose Productions for the 1990s Major Remodel around 1994-1995, alongside the Tux, Director, Coach, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cowboy, and Musician statues. However, unlike the other statues, this one was produced as one single piece.

The statue was likely produced out of chalkware, simiarly to Esco statues, which the shelves also used. The statue was painted with Cel Vinyl.


Unlike other statues produced, this one does not use any fabric similarly to the Chuck Chaplin Statue. His head is larger than his body to mimic the designs of Esco Statues. He has a red derby, black and gold tuxedo, and a more rat like snout.