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The original 1993 cabinet design

Chuck E. Cheese's Memory Match is a custom arcade game by Coastal Amusements made for Chuck E. Cheese's locations in 1993.

The game is a standard design arcade cabinet for the time, with artwork of the main Chuck E. cast all around the sides. The game is displayed on a CRT monitor, with two speakers using mono audio output. The control panel consists of nine numbered buttons, which can light up during gameplay. The game required tokens to play, and would dispense tickets at the end of a session. The game used HAR MadMax hardware,

The cabinet would also see a Spanish release, replacing the Memory Match logo on the control board for a set of instructions.


The game is a standard memory matching game. Instead of matching 2 hidden objects on the same board however, you only need to match one to the current character on-screen, giving the player double the chances of a correct choice. Nine buttons are available for the player, each to pick which character curtain to unveil. The game dispenses tickets based on how many matches can be made before the time runs out.
Updated Cabinet Design
Title Screen

Updated Cabinet

Around 2000-2001, new cabinets produced would contain updated artwork to match the current branding at the time.

The marquee, monitor plexi, and control panel would update Chuck E.'s design to the current style, while leaving the rest of the characters the same. All logos and branding were also changed to match the current style. The control panel would see additional changes, scaling up the character artwork, and moving the copyrighted text towards the buttons, removing the "1992" artwork copyright date seen on the original cabinet.


Coastal Amusements would later use the cabinet and software as their base for the Fred Flintstone's Memory Match machine in 1994. Coincidentally, or due to relations between the companies, the Flintstone's game would appear on the 1997 Studio C Console for the left and right monitors. Oddly, the only footage of this shows the language in Chinese, whether due to a mismatched rom, or a specific change by a store technician.

Fred Flintstone's Memory Match on the Studio C Console


All characters are voiced in the game, commenting briefly on the player's actions. Chuck E. also reminds the player to take out their tickets at the end of the game. Scott Wilson, the voice of Chuck E. Cheese at the time, voices all male characters in the game, filling in Bob West's role for Jasper T. Jowls and Pasqually. Helen Henny is voiced by Karisa Mckinney, her current voice actress at the time.

Chuck: "Hi there! I'm Chuck E. Cheese! Can you find me?"
Jasper: "Hi! I'm Jasper T. Jowls! Can you find me?"
Munch: "Hello! I'm Mr. Munch! Can you find me?"
Pasqually: "Hi! I'm-a Pasqually! Can you find me?"
Helen: "Hi! I'm Helen Henny! Can you find me?"


Main CPU Program ROM

  • prog0.104 - Program 0
  • prog1.103 - Program 1

Audio CPU Program ROM

  • prog.102

Art ROMs

  • art-rom.123
  • art-rom.127
  • art-rom.125

BSMT2000 Sample ROMs

  • arom0
  • arom1
  • arom2
  • arom3

Palette ROMs

  • 0.144
  • 0.145

ROM Strings

All arom ROMs contain a string leftover from the toolset used to create them.
prog.102 contains system information
MAD MAX Sound\Novelty Game Operating System

rev. 2.0 2-18-92

A set of strings can be found in the ROMs, which are mainly used in the debug menu.

%d%dAudits Adjustments Diagnostics A Message from Dave Return to Game EXIT EXIT - Save Changes EXIT - Cancel Changes Main Menu A message from Dave..."Just say 'No, thank you' to drugs!" %3d%3d%5u%5d%8ld%8ld%6.2f%c RAM Test Program ROM TestSwitch TestLamp TestMonitor AdjustInspect Graphics ROMsSound TestDisplay EEPROM Dispense a Ticket DiagnosticsRAM TestRAM Test in progress... Passed. Failed at %p Press center button to exit. ROM Test ROM Test in progress... Passed. Failed. calculated checksum = %04X%04Xstored checksum = %04X%04X Press center button to exit. Display Entire GROM space U126 U127 U128 U129 U122 U123 U124 U125 Press center button to exit. Use buttons to scroll. Press center button to exit. Use buttons to scroll. Press center button to exit. Use buttons to scroll. Press center button to exit. Use buttons to scroll. Press center button to exit. Use buttons to scroll. Press center button to exit. Press center button to exit. Lamp Test Press center button to exit. Switch Test Button 1  : Button 2  : Button 3  : Button 4  : Button 5  : Button 6  : Button 7  : Button 8  : Button 9  : ON OFF Left Coin  : ON OFF Right Coin  : ON OFF Service  : ON OFF Ticket Opto : \ ON OFF Volume Up  : ON OFF Volume Down : ON OFF Press TEST button to exit. Sound Test Playing Sound %u Press center button to exit. Sound Test Playing Sound %u Press center button to exit. Sound Test Playing Sound %u Press center button to exit. EEPROM Contents%04X Press center button to exit. CoinsLeft  : Right  : Total  : LifetimePeriod Clear Lifetime Audits Clear Period Audits TicketsTotal  : Average : Games Played Audits20 Seconds25 Seconds30 Seconds35 Seconds40 Seconds45 Seconds50 Seconds55 Seconds60 SecondsGame TimeTickets : No MatchesTickets : 1 MatchTickets : 2 MatchesTickets : 3 MatchesTickets : 4 MatchesTickets : 5 Matches Coins Per Credit COINS PER CREDIT = 0 FOR FREE PLAY FREE PLAY DISABLES TICKET DISPENSER Ticket Payouts \ CreditsEvery CycleEvery 2 CyclesEvery 3 CyclesEvery 5 CyclesNever Attract Mode Sounds Attract Mode Sounds Sound Volume Ticket Payouts \ CreditsGame TimeCurtain Mode All lamps during game Restore Factory Settings Adjustments

  • * * *

Adjust Sound Volume Use + and - to adjust volume. Press center button to exit. %5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d Restore Factory Settings Coins Per Credit = %5d Attract Sounds = %5d Game Time = %5d Tickets : No Matches = %5d Tickets : 1 Match = %5d Tickets : 2 Matches = %5d Tickets : 3 Matches = %5d Tickets : 4 Matches = %5d Tickets : 5 Matches = %5d Curtain Mode = %5d All lamps during game= %5d Press test button to accept. Press center button to cancel.


The graphics hardware is capable of 8bpp RGB655 color from any one of 256 palettes in ROM. Palettes are selected per-image. Most, if not all blitter palette select writes appear to be from $00891e and $0089b8 which are in cases in a jumptable in the routine at $00881a. Tracing code execution back from the function which calls this ($0087b0) may lead to code which looks up images from an image table, which would be useful for automatic programmatic dumping of images. If there is no table, it would be a case of needing to observe every single image (or find the relevant code) to determine the proper palette to use. Most of the available palette space in the ROMs is unused.

Audio is handled by a BSMT2000 DSP. Data in the audio ROMs is stored in signed 8-bit PCM format at a nominal sample rate of 12kHz.

Parts / Cabinet

Owners / Locations

Location / Owner Address Condition Notes
The Arcade Boneyard Dismantled. Outer pieces remaining. Electronics removed. Can be bought on