Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games

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Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games was a game released in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii.


The game takes place at a nondescript Chuck E. Cheese location.

Playable Characters

  • Russell (Camping)
  • Tommy (Playing Sports)

Differences from the real restaurants

  • You must unlock arcade games via a lucky wheel, while in real life at the time, the games can all be played via one token (a 25c value).
  • You earn tokens by making pizzas, while in real life, you get paid in cash from making pizzas.
  • The playable character is a child, in real life, you must be at least sixteen to work at a Chuck E. Cheese in the United States.
  • Due to licensing issues, all the arcade games either use generic themes or the "Munch's Make-Believe Band" IP, unlike the restaurants, which also have licensed games from popular franchises like Jurassic Park, Mario Kart, Fast and Furious, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.
  • The kid owns a Chuck E. Cheese TV. These TVs do not exist in real life.
  • The uniforms displayed in the intro look more like security cop uniforms, compared to real life, which have uniforms more similar to an amusement park ride operator.
  • The restaurant takes place in what looks to be a dome, no real-life restaurant takes place inside a dome.
  • The arcade is inside a separate, smaller, building-in-a-building. The closest to real life is when you take into account the Showroom Walls, which even then, does not make sense, since the location in the game is a Phase 4, which does not have showroom walls.
  • The prize area has video games that are non-existent in real life, like "Helen Run".
  • There is no way you can buy a video game for only 500 tickets in real life, even at the time, where physical tickets still existed.
  • Very few of the artwork as seen in "Photo Hunt" exists elsewhere,


The game got a mixed reception upon launch, with some criticizing the liberties the game takes compared to real life Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants, along with the lack of multiplayer support for a so-called "Party Game" (although online leaderboards were planned to be added but were scrapped). The game did get a cult following briefly in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down real life Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.


  • Russell may be based and/or named after Russell, another Boy Scout-type character from the 2009 Disney-Pixar film Up.
  • Chuck E.'s name was misspelled "Check E." on an unused character profile icon.
  • The game was originally going to have online leaderboard support via either Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or UFO Interactive's Wii servers, but that was scrapped.
  • As indicated by some unused leaderboard icons, this game was originally planned to also be released in Europe, Japan, South Korea and China, these plans were likely scrapped because there are no Chuck E. Cheese's locations in those areas.
  • There were originally going to be three more mini games than the final release, those being Block Stacker, Grab Dolls, and Water Hun.
  • An early screenshot for the "Made to Order" token-earning minigame shows that other foods besides pizzas were planned to be in the game, but were likely scrapped due to either being too complex for kids or other foods being weird for a pizza restaurant (although some of the foods, like salads, are actually available at the restaurants in real life).