Drum Board (Cyberamic)

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An original Band Board alongside other PTT animatronics.

The Drum Board (also known as the Band Board) is a series of pneumatic controlled percussion instruments placed onto two boards used in Pizza Time Theatre restaurants.

Each pneumatic movement, in which there were 11, would strike its instrument upon activation, meant to bring real instruments to the entertainment experience. Similar to the Clapper Board, Flag Wavers, and Singing Flowers, it was an effect outside of the main stage, allowing the performance to extend outside the bounds of it.


In original Pizza Time Theatre stores on Winchester Blvd and Kooser Rd the Drum Board, then dubbed the 'Pizza Time Orchestra' was seen on a shelf beside Jasper T. Jowls amongst random objects. When the Balcony Stage was created, the showroom dropped its filled shelves and placed the Drum Board on a raised platform near Pasqually, opposite to the Warblettes.

Usage in Showtapes

The Drum Board was highly used in the initial few years of showtapes, being used in almost every single song. This lessened over each tape, reducing from the main instrumental to just additional sound effects. The last showtape to produce new Drum Board programming was Madame Oink III - "Tunnel of Love". Skit-Oink 3 Tunnel/Love W/XMAS was a rerelease of Oink III that included a new Christmas segment. This segment notably has no Drum Board usage, making it the first segment to stop new programming for the board. Due to re-use of older segments, the last showtape to ever use the Drum Board was Madame Oink IV - The Tune Machine.

Early 80's Segment, 'Working Show', without the Drum Board.
Early 80's Segment, 'Working Show', with simulated Drum Board using the original programming signals.


Movement Rosetta

The Drum Board was part of Character Card 6, which was dedicated to both it and the Applause Board. Later on in the R12 stage format, this would be replaced with A/V features.

Total Bit Card Bit Bit Name (C&R) Bit Name (R12)
81 0 Cowbell Audsel 1
82 1 Large Block Audsel 2
83 2 Medium Block -
84 3 Tambourine -
85 4 Bass -
86 5 Snare -
87 6 Triangle -
88 7 Cymbal Video Select 1
89 8 Large Pan Video Select 2
90 9 Medium Pan -
91 10 Small Pan -
92 11 Clapper Razzle -
93 12 Clap -
94 13 Elephant -
95 14 - -
96 15 - -


The uppermost level were the drums and cymbal.

  • Cymbal
  • Bass Drum
  • Snare Drum

And the bottom level held auxiliary instruments and pans.

  • Large Pan
  • Medium Pan
  • Small Pan
  • Cow Bell
  • Large Block
  • Small Block
  • Tambourine
  • Triangle