Singing Flowers (Cyberamic)

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The Singing Flowers were prop characters at Pizza Time Theatre restaurants. They were designed to replace the Warblettes when a Balcony Stage was converted to a Rocker or C Stage. They were very simple characters with only a single mouth lever inside them. They would use the same bit as the Warblettes Mouth and this allowed the Warblettes to still function on stages that still had them.

The Singing Flowers were phased out during the introduction of the Road, 1 and 2 Stages. They were still programmed throughout the 90's and until 1999-2001, as corporate had a set installed on their Road Stage. They likely went extinct around then as photos of Rocker Stages in the late 90s and 2000's do not have them anymore. Some stages seemed to never even have these installed at all.