Family Album

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The Family Album stage at the Clawson, MI location.

Family Album is an additional or alternate stage currently known to be installed at six Pizza Time Theatre locations.

The show consisted of a male guitar player, female piano player, and male cello player. Each location was allowed to name the characters. They were manually controlled by a live operator for dialogue and played programmed songs.


The first stage was installed in Clawson in 1983 but was additional to the Balcony Stage, as well as an exclusive Hot Fudge stage. Warwick received a Family Album due to the shortage of Pizza Time Theatre animatronics in 1984. Danvers received a Family Album because they willingly sent their Balcony Stage to the Fall River MA location in 1985. Clawson and Warwick had a 360 degree spinning platform stage with rising curtains. The last Family Album was removed from Warwick in 1990. The animatronics were made by Elnicky Enterprises.

Installed Locations