Warwick, RI (1960 Post Rd)

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1960 Post Rd was a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre that opened in June 1984 (day unknown) and relocated in late 1990 (month and day unknown) with a Family Album. This was the very first CEC in Rhode Island and held the last surviving Family Album as well. It is unknown exactly where the building was located.

This location is not to be confused with Warwick, RI (1245 Bald Hill Rd) which opened in late 1990 (month and day unknown) with a Rocker Stage and closed on November 19, 1994 with a 1-Stage, or the current location on 650 Bald Hill Rd, which opened on March 6, 2000 and is still open today with a Studio C Alpha.


This was the only known location to open without the Pizza Time Players. It instead had the Family Album, which was produced from 1983-1984. This location also had the very last of this stage, being removed in late 1990 when they closed and relocated to 1245 Bald Hill Rd.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Family Album June 1984 Late 1990 First CEC in Rhode Island. Only known CEC to open with a Family Album. Final Family Album to be removed, which was in late 1990.


Warwick opened in June 1984 (day unknown) as the very first CEC in Rhode Island. This location, however, did not have a Balcony Stage, but rather a Family Album. Not much is known about this location or where it was located, but we do know it was located in a Parking Lot. This location was one of many that did not receive the 1988 remodel for unknown reasons. Warwick then relocated in late 1990 (month and day unknown) to 1245 Bald Hill Rd, marking its closure and the extinction of the Family Album. It was unknown where the building was at, so the history after 1990 is unknown.