Fatz Geronimo

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Fatz's design as of 2024.

Fatz Geronimo is one of the main characters of the Showbiz Pizza Place franchise, having made his debut as an animatronic at Jacksonville, FL (9820 Atlantic Blvd).



Beach Bear was based off of the character Fats Gorilla the Wolf Pack 5. He got his first animatronic in Jacksonville, FL (9820 Atlantic Blvd). He would play the keyboard, and occasionally provide vocals. He was a black gorilla with a golden tuxedo.

Showbiz Pizza Place

Fatz Geronimo would originally be voiced by Aaron Fechter, before getting replaced by the late Burt Wilson. Fatz acted the oldest and most mature out of the group, and often acted as the band leader. He would often mention his girlfriend Esmeralda, as well as other woman he would flirt with. Fatz would tease his other band members, especially Mitzi Mozzarella. He was the creator of Crazy Colander Head Night, as well as several other shows the band performed. Fatz played the Tune Machine, his fancy keyboard that could make any sound in the world. The other band members, especially Beach Bear, liked to poke fun at Fatz for not actually being able to play the piano and instead using the "sequencer" button to create the melodies[1]. During Concept Unification Fatz would be turned into Mr. Munch.

The New Rock-afire Explosion & Present Day

After Concept Unification, Creative Engineering wanted to find a new way to bring the Rock-afire Explosion back into the public spotlight. They developed the New Rock-afire Explosion. Fatz, like his costars, became a lot skinnier. His voice would change as Burt Wilson was getting older. During the 2000s and 2010s Aaron Fechter voiced Fatz for a few showtapes, as him and Burt Wilson weren't on good terms. In 2021 after he and Fechter made up, Burt Wilson returned one last time as Fatz, voicing him in The Rock-afire Explosion Sings The MST3K Theme.


Types Years Produced Notes Status
Fatz Geronimo (Animatronic) 1980-1983 Retrofitted during Concept Unification. Several publicly and privately owned.
Fatz Geronimo (Mijjin) 1992-1993 The most advanced Fatz animatronic to date. None public as of 2024.