Mitzi Mozzarella

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Mitzis design as of 2024.

Mitzi Mozzarella is one of the main characters of the Showbiz Pizza Place franchise, having made her debut as an animatronic at Jacksonville, FL (9820 Atlantic Blvd).



Mitzi Mozzarella was based off of the character Mini Mozzarella from the Wolf Pack 5. She borrowed her voice, and had a similar appearance. She had a cheerleader outfit, as well as blonde hair. She got her first animatronic in Jacksonville, FL (9820 Atlantic Blvd). She was a youthful mouse, who was one of the lead vocalists for the Rock-afire Explosion.

Showbiz Pizza Place

Initially, Mitzi Mozzarella was voiced by Aaron Fechter. This version of the character was short lived, and had a much higher pitched voice. Mitzi soon got her permanent voice actor, Shalisa Sloan James. Mitzi would be portrayed as a stereotypical teenage girl, and would describe herself as liking boys, cars, and more. Her and Dook Larue would receive second generation animatronics, but they were never mass produced. During Concept Unification, several Mitzi Mozzarella animatronics would be retrofitted into Helen Henny. Helen as a character would be inspired by Mitzi going forward.

The New Rock-afire Explosion

After Concept Unification, Creative Engineering wanted to find a new way to bring the Rock-afire Explosion back into the public spotlight. They developed the New Rock-afire Explosion. Every character was changed, including Mitzi. Mitzi was now portrayed as older, and wore a black dress.

Present Day

Mitzi's voice actor returned throughout the 21st century to make new songs. In these new shows, it was clear that Mitzi was a lot different than her Original youthful self. Original parts for Mitzi would start to be reproduced by Creative Engineering's new employees in 2023.


Types Years Produced Notes Status
Mitzi Mozzarella (Animatronic) 1980-1983 Retrofitted during Concept Unification. Several publicly and privately owned.
Second Generation Mitzi Mozzarella (Animatronic) 1983 One produced. Mechanism owned by Creative Engineering, cosmetics stolen.
Mitzi Mozzarella (Mijjin) 1992-1993 The most advanced Mitzi animatronic to date. None public as of 2024.