Franklin, TN (3073 Mallory Lane)

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3073 Mallory Lane was a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on December 31, 2000 with a Studio C Alpha, which is still open to this day

This location received 2.0 in 2019.


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Originally, the store had a Studio C Alpha, with an Interactive Console, they would have it until around June of 2019. they use to have curtains, but were removed sometime between the late 2000's to early-2010's, they replaced where the curtains were with mini walls. in mid 2019, they would receive the 2.0 remodel, removing the Alpha, and replacing it with a Dance Floor. As of September 2022, they still have this remodel.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Studio C Alpha December 2000 Summer 2019 Interactive Console removed in June 2019
Dance Floor Summer 2019 Still In Use 2019 Model


Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese 32m (Studio C) Unknown Unknown
Bird (Studio C) N/A Unknown