Jungle Jim's Flag Wavers (Flag Wavers Retrofit)

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One of the last Flag Wavers at Jungle Jim's near Check Out. (Removed 2018)

The Flag Wavers were a "retrofit" of Flag Wavers (Cyberamic) at Jungle Jim's International Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. (5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield, OH 45014)

The Flag Wavers were installed in 1988 during the 1988 Expansion of Jungle Jim's. The last original flag wavers were removed in 2018.


The Flag Wavers originally came from the Cincinnati, OH (11400 Princeton Pike) Pizza Time Theatre and was bought by Jungle Jim's in Fall 1984. The Flag Wavers was first installed in 1988 being originally located in various walls near checkout such as Elvis (The King Retrofit). The Flags Wavers were installed to the left and right of his stage area. After the stage was moved in 2001 the flags were relocated to poles near "As Seen on TV" located close checkout. In 2018 the final Flag Wavers were removed ending their 30 year install at Jungle Jim's. All that is left of the Flag Wavers is a scar from the box they were originally mounted with and the reproduction Flag Wavers located near the Big Cheese.

In 2004 with the recent expansion Jungle Jim's made eight reproduction Flag Wavers which would be located to the right of the Big Cheese. These reproduction Flag Wavers are unable to move and are only used for display.