Kelso, WA (351 Three Rivers Dr)

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Exterior photo, taken at an unknown date. (PC: Foursquare)

351 Three Rivers Dr, Store #627 was a Chuck E. Cheese's location that opened on December 22nd, 2004 as an anchor store of the Three Rivers Mall, which was struggling at the time. This location closed on April 6th, 2014 for unknown reasons. This store opened with a Small-Town Studio C, which would be kept until the store closed.


On December 22nd, 2004, Chuck E. Cheese's made it's grand opening in the Three Rivers Mall, likely taking up the space of several smaller businesses in the area. This store opened with the 1998 exterior sign and text, likely having the Phase 3 game package, which is what the 2004 stores all had at the time. This store opened with the new at the time Small-Town Studio C stage, with a 16 movement Chuck E. Cheese animatronic on the stage. This stage would be used until the store closed. Sometime in the mid-late 2000s, date unknown, they would receive the 2003 "Cool Chuck" Reconfiguration / Major Remodel Initiative, which would replace the 1990s decor with modernized artwork, and new exterior signage. They would never remodel after that.

For unknown reasons, on April 6th, 2014, this store closed permanently and was vacated. The 16m Chuck E. Cheese animatronic was sent to the Tucson, AZ (6125 E Speedway Blvd) location, which was about to open at the time. The fate of all other items is unknown, but all extra items are presumed destroyed.


Stage Installed Removed Notes
Small-Town Studio C December 2004 April 2014 37th store opened with Small-Town Studio C.


Animatronic Serial Number Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese 16M (Studio C) N/A Sent to Tucson, AZ, later destroyed.