Kooser Pasqually (Animatronic)

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1979 Footage

Kooser Pasqually was the upgraded Portrait Pasqually used at the opening of the San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Road) Pizza Time Theatre in December 1978. It was used until May 1980, when the Portrait Show would be replaced by the Balcony Stage.


After Kooser replaced their Portrait Show with the Balcony Stage, Pasqually and the other Portrait Bots, aside from Chuck E, which we have confirmation of, were persumably sent to Sunnyvale. After PTT vacated the building due to bankruptcy, Pasqually would, along with the rest of Kooser's animatronics would be considered lost, as none of their fates have been learned, although the most likely option is they were thrown away.


Kooser Pasqually was given a much softer appearance than his Winchester counterpart. His face was made less squared, and his eyes become rounded with plastic eyelids, as opposed to Winchester's flat eyes and fabric eyelids. Like Winchester, Kooser Pasqually was placed behind two doors, a trait which would be shared with Mr. Munch.


  • Mouth
  • Eye Left
  • Eye Right
  • Eyelids
  • Mustache
  • Doors