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Creative Engineering Inc. is an animatronics oriented entertainment and manufacturing company founded by Aaron Fechter in 1975 and stopped its major business ventures and employment in the early 2000's. It now continues to run solely by its creator as a paid video platform, animatronics / parts reseller, and (formerly) a fandom tourist destination, with most of these current operations inactive as they begin plans to open a parts warehouse and museum.

The company is most well known for its creation of the Rock-afire Explosion for ShowBiz Pizza Place, which has become its frontrunning IP to present day.

General History


Detailed History


December 2023

  • On December 28th, Burt "Bubba" Wilson, writer for the Rock-afire Explosion and voice of Fatz, passed away in his sleep at age 68. CEI would acknowledge this and pay tribute in multiple video uploads around the same time.[1]


January 2024

  • On January 18th the Moonrockers Showtape plays in public at Gulliver's Kingdom and is seen online in full for the first time ever. Recordings of the event would go live over the next week until the raw audio would be uploaded for the first time on January 24th.[2]

February 2024