Monroe, LA (3731 Pecanland Mall Dr)

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Exterior, 2020 (PC: LoopNet)

3731 Pecanland Mall Dr is a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened in July 9, 2011 with a Studio C Beta.

This location is the second to last Studio C Beta to be installed with a 32m Animatronic and is also speculated to have the oldest Studio C Animatronic on a Studio C Beta.

The Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic was installed incorrectly onto to show which led to its eyelids being stuck upwards and the head being stuck tilted for years. The Show itself was updated at some point from 2017 to 2020 to have LED lighting; at the same time, new fur arms, jeans, feet, and miscellaneous repairs for the Chuck E. Animatronic.


Monroe opened in 2011. It currently has the 2013 update to the CEC 2005 Remodel Program, which included early Rockstar decor and is still in operation to this very day as of October 2023.

In May 2021, Monroe reopened after being closed in January 2021. Featuring an almost different selection of Arcade Games. In Late 2023, Monroe completely replaced its coins with cards.



Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese 32m (Animatronic) N/A Unknown, most likely destroyed.