Multiplaza Pacific, Panama

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Multiplaza Pacific Mall, Panama City, Panama is a Chuck E Cheese’s that opened on early 2013 (date unknown) with a Circles of Light stage with a 16M animatronic. It is located on the third floor of Multiplaza Mall.

A picture of the exterior inside the mall.(PC: Rene M. in Foursquare)


Because of their expansion in Latin America, Chuck E Cheese’s decided to open a location in Panama.

The store opened in 2013 to much fanfare, so much so that a second location opened in 2017.

Exterior and Interior

This location is a very early version of the 2013 Update remodel, having a prototype of the International Mall Entrance, and many things that are not from the 2013 Update, including the “Kids” Posters from the 2005 Reconfiguration and the toddler playground from that remodel.

The store also has a checkered wall that is actually a window, looking to the road outside the mall.