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The Navori System, is a device that can be attached to the 3-Stage, Cyberamics, Studio C, and Studio C HD for downloading showtape content through an internet connection.


The system is held on a Merkari MX67 SD-WAN unit.[1] The store's iPad is used to control the Navori system wirelessly, which can be used to select the current live show. This is done through an Intranet application that connects to the Navori QL Mobile[2] website.


First Tests

Four test stores, Dallas, TX (7110 S Westmoreland Rd), Arlington, TX (2216 S Fielder Rd), Grapevine, TX (2755 E Grapevine Mills Circle), and Irving, TX (3903 W Airport Fwy), began testing the unit in either May or June of 2022 with the Chuck E. Cheese Summer of Fun 2022 Show. Presumably the stores also received the Chuck E. Cheese Summer Nights Show, though it is unclear how the show's specific timeslot of playing was incorporated into the system.

The Dallas TX store was potentially picked due to it being scheduled for the 2.0 remodel on August 8th, allowing a test of a store going through a remodel with the unit. The unit played the normal showtape segments correctly, but reports of issues with either mismatched movements or corrupted signals were noted for live shows.[3]


The Dallas, TX (7110 S Westmoreland Rd) store testing the module with a live show, which broke character positions.

On an Instagram livestream done on August 3, 2022, CEC Corporate's show programmer Donovan Marcelle claimed that the module would be coming to all stages, but that Studio C and Studio C HD stores with it installed would be stuck in Random Movement Mode. They also stated that if the first tests passed, corporate would want it in all Studio C stores by the end of the year. On September 15, an email would be sent to the first batch of stores to receive the unit:

"Good Afternoon!

As some of you know, we have been testing a media player for our shows that will replace the current controller. This will work on every show in concept from ‘3-stage’ old school show to the current day Weigl/Geronimo show controllers.

We are now expanding this test to another 113 locations. See attached. You will be receiving the following as part of the 1st step of installing your new controller-

- 2-200’ CAT6 Cables

- 1 CAT6 stripper

- 1 CAT6 Tester

- 1 CAT6 Crimper

Deadline to complete this process in no later than 9/29."

Despite the email discussing 3-Stage capability, this first batch of 113 locations would not include any 3-Stage stores. Within the next few days, stores would begin receiving their units and preparing their installation.

Studio C Shutdown

During the early production of the Network Module, it was determined that Studio C and Studio C HD shows would not be able to support the hardware for playing back animatronic signals, likely due to its special file-based signal format, unlike the Existing Stages audio-based streaming format. Due to the company's low budget at the time, the extra hardware to handle these shows, and/or the hiring of programmers to make an in-software solution to fix the issue, was too costly.

The decision was made to instead set all Studio C animatronics into Random Movements Mode. This would still play showtape audio and video normally, but the animatronic would instead randomly move to a pre-set pattern. Lights and other effects would go unused as well. No new songs or content would be animated going forward, and previously animated songs would be wiped to not include their signals.

This change would be implemented early before the installation of the actual Network Modules with the Chuck E. Cheese Halloween Boo-Tacular 2022 Show. Planned as early back as July, this show would not be animated at all. This was likely done to further cut costs, as stores were set to likely have their Networking Modules completed after the first few weeks of running the show.

Between September 16-18, stores would begin to receive the showtape. The newsletter would instruct Studio C and Studio C HD stores to set their animatronic to Random Movements mode, alongside providing an extra document for implementing this mode. On September 19th, this show would go into effect, and all Studio C stores would simultaneously stop having animated content.

Despite complaints from corporate employees, store employees, and the general community, no news coverage or mainstream backlash would occur, alongside no public acknowledgement from the company that the change was happening.


Throughout the rest of the year, stores would slowly install their complete Navori systems. Rumors of the Chuck E. Cheese Winter Winner-Land 2022 Show being the final non-Navori show would begin, but delays in shipping more units, alongside stores not completing their installation, would require Chuck E. Cheese Evergreen Show 2023 to have a physical media version created.

CEC would openly state Evergreen 2023 as the final physical show, but further delays would require Chuck E. Cheese Spring Show 2023 to also unexpectantly receive a physical release. This would actually delay the show's launch from March 27, 2023, to April 3, 2023. The Spring Show would finally be the last physical released tape.

Test Stores

An official list of the initial batch of test stores was given during the early days of units being sent out. Some names of stores however differ from their actual names, and some, like "Hulen", are unclear what their official counterpart is.

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"Tyler, Lewisville, Oceanside, Alexandria, Crystal Lake, Knoxville, Evansville, Kedzie, Madison, Antioch, Canton, Independence, Laurel, Humble, Florence, Littleton, Fairfield, West Las Vegas, Nellis, Reno, Thousand Oaks, Novi, Alberquerque, Vancouver, Cottonwood, Hobart, Victorville, Lakewood, North Fresno, El Centro, San Bernadino, Laguna Hills, North Charleston, Moreno Valley, Garden Grove, Hialeah, Lakeland, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, North Miami, Clearwater, Snyder Plaza, Corpus Christi, St. Petersburg, Orange, Edison, Patchogue, Poughkeepsie, Hamburg, Vestal, Brooklyn, Bridgeville, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Western Branch, Akron, Dayton, Bowling Green, Texarkana, Meadows, North Richland Hills, N. Garland, Pasadena, Anchorage, Gulfgate, Bandera, Hulen, Grand Prairie, Alpharetta, Jonesboro, Savannah, Athens, Douglasville, Tacoma, Glendale, Greensboro, Howard Beach, Yonkers, Rogers, Darien, Villa Park, Jensen Beach, Melbourne, Greeley, Houma, Bradenton, Denver-Englewood, Orlando-Waterford, Lacrosse, South Dade, Cumberland, Omaha, Pinole, Fredricks, Ocala, Boynton Beach, Escondido, Waco, Presidio, North West Hwy OKC, Dayton, Garland, Rockford, Topeka, Wichita, Roanoke"