Norfolk, VA (920 N Military Hwy)

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Norfolk's exterior in 2009.

920 Military Hwy, Store #3214 was a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on June 12, 2000. (Monday) with a Studio C Alpha, which closed on May 28th, 2015.


This location featured the standard Studio C Alpha installed in locations at the time. This location kept the interactive console till closure.


This particular Chuck E. Cheese location commenced operations on June 12, 2000, as a franchise owned by American Amusement LLC. American Amusement LLC is the parent company that operates multiple Chuck E. Cheese establishments across various locations, including Hampton VA, Merced CA, Albuquerque NM, and later Chesapeake Virginia.

The opening of this Chuck E. Cheese location faced several delays primarily due to construction errors. Initially planned to open on December 16, 1999, the launch was postponed after the discovery of asbestos, a hazardous material known to cause cancer, in the building's exterior. Subsequently, a thorough inspection was conducted, resulting in an order from the city of Norfolk to remove the asbestos. This directive pushed back the store's opening to the following year, specifically in June 2000.


Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese 32m (Animatronic) 087(R&D 4599) Owned by a private collector.
Bird (Animatronic) N/A (R&D 4599) Unknown
Pizza Phone (Animatronic) N/A (R&D 4599) Owned by a private collector.