PTT Winchester Foxy Colleen Name Sign (1978)

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The 1978 Foxy Colleen nameplate was used at the first Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 370 South Winchester Boulevard located inside the Town and Country Shopping Center in San Jose, California; placed under the guest star portrait while Winchester Foxy Colleen was in use to identify the animatronic.


Not much is known about the production of this nameplate, although we can assume it was made by the Fantasy Forest Manufacturing Company shortly before or after the production of the bot itself, if this is the case, it was most likely produced in a batch with the Kooser nameplates. If not, it was most likely made in-house by Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated.


The only usage of this nameplate was at 370 South Winchester Boulevard placed under Foxy Colleen for the sake of identifying it from November 1978 to 1980, when Winchester received cyberamics. After its run, it was most likely placed in storage at the location itself or shipped to Sunnyvale. The former is most likely the most plausible scenario.


Foxy Colleens nameplate followed the standard design formula used for Winchesters nameplates, that being a rounded wooden base with the white text "FOXY COLLEEN" encased in thin yellow border surrounding the text. Like all other Winchester nameplates at the time, the text "© PIZZA TIME THEATRE INC, 1978" in small text below due to them forming their own company, meaning they are now separate from Atari, in early 1978.