PTT Winchester Helen Henny Name Sign (1977)

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The 1977 Helen Henny nameplate was only used at the first Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 370 South Winchester Boulevard located in the Town & Country Shopping Center in San Jose, California; where it would be used to identify the newly introduced Helen Henny animatronic.


We can theorize the nameplate was produced shortly before, or after, the production of the Winchester Helen Henny animatronic. This leaves the production date anywhere between July 1977 to August 1977, and was most likely shipped out alongside Winchester Helen Henny and the other Winchester nameplates which were all most likely produced by Harold Guldbrandsen's company Fantasy Forest. If the nameplates were not produced by Fantasy Forest, we can assume they were produced by Atari or in-house at the store itself.


The only usage of the nameplate was at 370 South Winchester Boulevard, where it would be used from August 1977 to February 1978. After its run, it was most likely shipped to Sunnyvale, or put in storage at the location itself.

Usage In 2018 Remodel Program

Helen Hennys nameplate would be featured for the first time in several decades in the 2.0 remodel, where it is also shown alongside Chuck E. Cheese's nameplate and Jasper T. Jowls nameplate in a piece of signage showing the history of the company, this time lacking "ATARI 1977" where it was most likely edited out. Footage with the fixture included can be seen below.


Like the other Winchester nameplates, Helen Hennys nameplate used a rounded, brown wooden base with "HELEN HENNY" placed in the center, although contrary to the other Winchester nameplates, instead of being incased in a thin yellow border surrounding the text, it would be encased in an also thin, but white border surrounding the text; Helen Hennys nameplate also featured "© ATARI 1977" on the nameplate itself other than the same text being on the portrait frame as Chuck E. Cheese had.