Pizza Time Theatre Showtape

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Pizza Time Theatre Showtape

Release Date: May 1977

Released On:

Reel (Cyberamics)


Crusty the Cat VA - Ed Bogas

The Pizza Time Theatre Showtape was the first ever Pizza Time Theatre showtape to be made, premiering with the opening of the San Jose, CA (370 S Winchester Blvd) location on May 17, 1977.

The showtape debuted the original Pizza Time Players, including the short-lived Crusty the Cat.


D2 Tape Recording

At some point after the original showtape was produced, the original audio of the recording sessions, alongside edited and final audio, would be copied to D2 tape, which is the only currently known surviving record that the showtape existed.


The showtape's segments and order isn't entirely clear, though a copyright record[1] confirms a few of the tracks were certainly on the tape:

  • Chuck E. Cheese's Theme
  • How Will I Know?
  • Roots in the Country
  • Endlessly Awake, Part 1

Other segments from the Pizza Time Theatre Showtape D2 Tape Recording may have appeared on the showtape.