ShowBiz's Fabulous Fall Festival (Event)

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ShowBiz's Fabulous Fall Festival was a 3 month long event spanning from September 5 - November 24, 1983.

The event would host special nights with deals and free prizes every Monday - Thursday, with the weekend nights having just the new Beatles White Album show played.


Some time before September 5th, participating stores would recieve a package containing:

The Crazy Colander Head Night, 3 Birthday Shows - Colander History - Indoctrination Skit, and Country Night showtapes would also be reused from the backroom.

Little Paws Fan Club

During the event, patrons could sign up for Billy Bob's Official Little Paws Fan Club, where they would recieve a Billy Bob's Official Little Paws Fan Club Membership Card. This card would grant the user to receive two extra tokens with each food purchase for a whole year. The Little Paws Fan club would continue being used past the event, as late as August 19, 1984.[1]

Fatz Night (Mondays)

From 5pm to closing time on these nights, the Fatz Showtape would be played.[2] For some stores this would be for the first time, for others that had been selected for The Amazing Uncle Klunk Traveling Show, this would be a reused showtape.

Frozen bananas were also available for purchase at $0.89. From 5pm to 8pm, patrons could purchase the "Fatz Special" for $3.50, having all you can eat Pizza and Salad Bar. Patrons also recieved free prizes for kids, free banana balloons, a Signed Fatz Colander Photograph reused from the March 1983 Crazy Colander Head Night Event, and free kiddie rides from 5-7pm.

Country & Western Night (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

From 5pm to closing on these nights, the reused Country Night showtape would be played. The Rock-afire cast would be adorned with full country outfits during this time as well.[3] Patrons would receive free balloons and a free Billy Bob Deputy Badge.[2] For patrons wearing "western duds", they would receive 5 game tokens upon entry. If patrons have a Billy Bob's Official Little Paws Fan Club Membership Card, they would receive 10 instead.[2]

Colander-head Night (Wednesdays)

Colander-head Night would return from its previous successful endeavor from March of 1983. In this second event, many of the prizes and collectables would be stripped back. Patrons would not receive signed character posters or a Colander-head membership card, though a Fatz poster could be obtained during Fatz Night, and a new Billy Bob's Official Little Paws Fan Club had taken place for the card. The prize of 6 free tokens and 1 free Coke was stripped back to 2 free tokens and a free soft drink.[2]

The Crazy Colander Contest would be held again at 7:30pm each Wednesday, this time specifying the local winners would receive a choosing of a pizza party for 4, or 75 game tokens. These local winners would then be eligible for two more contests. One was held at the end of the month deciding the best winner over all weeks at the location, where the winner would win an arcade machine (described at the time as a "full-sized video game"). The second was another national contest, where the winners would receive their choosing of a trip for four to Disney World, or $1,000 in cash.[2]

New Stage Shows (Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays)

From 5pm to closing on these nights, the Beatles White Album tape would exclusively be played.[2]

ShowBiz Halloween Party

The ShowBiz Halloween Party would take place on October 30th and 31st, 1983- both from 5pm to closing. All arcade machines would be set to allow two plays per token, as well as kiddie rides being free from 5-7pm. Patrons bringing a Trick or Treat bag would recieve "...a Special Treat from Billy Bob". Patrons coming in a Halloween costume would receive 2 free game tokens. All Halloween costume entries would be submitted for the "Best Costume Contest", where the winner of the night would receive a Large Pizza.[2]

For any patron who had a ShowBiz's Fabulous Fall Festival advert from the newspaper, they could color in the advert and bring it during their visit to recieve 3 free tokens.[4]