Small Chuck E. Plush (1996)

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Small Chuck E. Plush (1996) 


Price: $4.99
Release Date: 1996
Manufacturer: Dennis Foland, Inc.
Catalog ID: #5382


Dimensions: 9in
Label:Chuck E. Cheese's © 1996 ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc. Made in China

The 1996 Small Chuck E. Plush was an official product produced for prize counters in 1996.


This Chuck E. plush is the first of its kind, being remade into several different variants, this one in particular being made with a wider variety of materials than previous or future plush sets.

The 1996 set introduced putting wires and cardboard pieces into the plush's legs and feet to give them the ability to pose and to stand upright on flat surfaces.


A prototype of this plush exists in the 1997-1998 Merch Catalog with little to no difference in design.

Prototype Gallery



This Chuck E. plush is designed based on the standardized "Coach" design created by Peeler Rose in 1994.[2] Even in a small size, DFI managed to put in just enough effort into Chuck E., that this ended up being the most spot on representation of the titular character.

Chuck E. sports a red sweater with an oval on his chest and stripes going around each arm. He is also shown wearing fully red shoes with blue laces, as opposed to white and blue shoes with red laces seen in the official art produced of Chuck E. from around this time, with detail omitted is Chuck E.'s whistle.

A new detail being added was a large yellow star on Chuck E.'s cap, which was apart of the new 1995 logo, later being replaced with a 'C' in 1998.