Small Pasqually Plush (1996)

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Small Pasqually Plush (1996) 


Price: $4.99
Release Date: 1996
Manufacturer: Dennis Foland, Inc.
Catalog ID: #5358


Dimensions: 9in
Label:Chuck E. Cheese's © 1996 ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc. Made in China
Label:ALL NEW MATERIAL Contents: Polyester Fiber ОН 17389 РА 5081 MA 1340 ME 3658 Dennis Foland, Inc. San Jose, CA

The 1996 Small Pasqually Plush was an official product produced for the Prize counters in 1996.


This plush was a part of Dennis Foland Inc's first set of original Chuck E. Cheese plushies and was the first Pasqually plush produced by Dennis Foland Inc.

The 1996 set introduced putting wires and cardboard pieces into the plush's legs and feet to give them the ability to pose and to stand upright on flat surfaces.


A prototype plush can be seen in the 1997-1998 Merch Catalog.[1] Pictures of the plush show that this plush was originally going to have separate pieces for its eyebrows as apposed to the released plush having them printed on its eyes.

Prototype Gallery



The plush has a round body with two cylindrical legs connected to it. The plush has boxy arms with mitten-like hands. One arm of the plush tends to be significantly more understuffed than the other. The plush's head has a sunken in chin, a big round nose, two ears that look like a folded circle. It's two eyes are squares that are rounded out at the top with printed black details to represent his eyebrows and pupils. The plush's mustache is nicely shaped but is ruined by the fuzzy material used on the mustache and hair. A red mouth is featured under the mustache. The plush's shoes are nicely detailed with white and black fabric and blue ribbon shoelaces and his pants are black. He has a red striped shirt under his apron. His apron has been made smaller compared to the previously released 1992 and 1994 plushies to make room for his poseable legs. He has a sewn neckerchief that can be untied and removed. He also has a white chef's hat with the same red striped pattern on its brim as it was on his shirt.