Spanish Birthday

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Spanish Birthday

Release Date: 1990s
Length: 1:52

Released On:

SVHS (3-Stage)
SVHS (R12 '93+)
Laserdisc (Studio C)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)

Spanish Birthday is a live show released at some point in the 1990s. It is a Spanish version of "It's Somebody's Birthday Today" which was originally included in Madame Oink III - "Tunnel of Love" Spanish Version. The video footage is taken from early 90s shows.

This show ran until December 2001.


The show begins with the cast singing and Madame Oink asking Chuck E. who's birthday it is. Chuck E. then says that Jasper told him somebody was having a birthday and it was the "first time all week he got anything right". He then instructs everybody to sing "Happy Birthday to You". At the end of the song, Chuck E. says Happy Birthday. The video footage during the song is a combination of the footage from Chuck E. March, CU Premiere and various 1991 Training videos. Also featured in the video is the character art from Twist and Shout, which suggests the rerelease may have happened sometime around 1994.

Showtape Releases

Release Year Showtape Format
1990s 3-stage, Cyberamics
1997 Studio C Premiere (Final Ver) Studio C

Live Show Trivia:

  • Due to this show being reused from a PTT showtape, Madame Oink is featured instead of Helen Henny.